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How much does it cost to do a mold remediation in Middle Tennessee?

At Bluegreen Pros, we keep the costs reasonable for our customers. Call BlueGreen Pros at (615) 721-2990 or schedule a free inspection on-line.

Mold remediation costs for your home or business can start from a few hundred dollars. Often insurance can take care of the costs and you will only have a deductable to pay out. (We can help you with your insurance company)

Costs depend on the size of the area and the level of mold infestation present.

If the infestation is larger than a small area, it is recommended that a professional mold remediation company be hired for the work.

Why? Mold spores tend to be invisible until they begin to grow and flourish, and often mold remains out of sight for a long period of time. During this time it can cause a range of illness and can even make your home or business uninhabitable.

Mold Removal Cost Breakdown

The average approach to mold remediation will include:

Formal inspection and testing – call us or set an appointment on line with us. We inspect and assess crawlspaces, walls, attics, and cupboards and all areas in which mold develops. If mold is found in more than one or two areas of the home it is best to have us come out and make an inspection. If you use the inspector from the the BlueGreen Pros mold remediation company it will be a free inspection or consultation included in the overall cost of the remediation project.

Remediation – This is often where variable costs come into estimate. Often it may be necessary to completely remove building materials such as sheet rock and lumber when it is too heavily infested with mold. This can automatically bump a project into thigher costs. There are several approaches to remediation, and they vary in cost due to the need for specialized equipment. They include:
Use of a special wet vacuum – this is a specially designed vacuum that can remove water from a range of surfaces including carpet and wood.

Surface mold removal – This scrubs the mold away with a powerful mixture of water and chemicals. The specialist then installs drying equipment to ensure that the mold spores are killed off quickly.

HEPA vacuums are often used and are extremely expensive machines (averaging around $9500 each) they use special filters and powerful suction to pull mold out from dry materials. These vacuums require a great deal of caution in their use and require workers to be covered in mold-proof clothing and face masks (PPE gear)

Removal – When infestation is beyond normal remediation the specialists will carefully remove the building materials, seal them in hazardous material containers, and dispose of them properly. This might include everything from flooring to clothing and is obviously the most expensive way of handling mold remediation.

Final Inspection and monitoring – because mold is often extremely difficult to entirely eliminate, most mold remediation projects have a monitoring period built into their schedule. This allows inspectors to return over the course of the subsequent weeks and months to monitor for any reemergence of the mold on the cleaned or replaced materials.

How much does it cost to do a mold remediation in the Nashville area?
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